All the microwaves!

UNSW Microwaves

So now you’ve been taught where the current microwaves are on campus. There may be more… who knows. I guess these ones are in the mysterious and elusive places no one knows about. Anyway, this blog has shown you that there are at least 11 microwaves around campus in which to heat up your lunch.

The microwave hub.

The ones in the Law Library

Near the Quad

And the ones next to the food-court in Matthews.

If you guys have trouble finding them, I’ve devised a bit of a map to help you.

UNSW Microwave Map

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We’ve covered all the factors that can cause stress, now how do we apply it?

I’ve written about a few of the probably worst situations a Uni student could be in, and now to wrap it all up with a solution to end all stress:

STUDY efficiently with efficient TIME MANAGEMENT by SLEEPING at UNI and eating cheap FOOD. Basically the most efficient way to use time for study is to stay at Uni. Yes. Stay the night at Uni, there are plenty of places you can live in without getting caught sshhh lol.
Just kidding, but if you ever get to the point where you have to stay the night, here are a few places to hide out:

Any building you have card access to, or even if you don’t, hide yourself in one of the buildings before they lock it off. Great places to hide are under desks, behind doors, behind buildings… etc, be creative with it.

Find somewhere on campus to sleep stealthily, like in the bush. The campus has plenty of water, and there’s a Maccas nearby open 24/7 for those $2 McDoubles yeow!
In all seriousness,
We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources to help you survive at Uni, some of them have been mentioned before but we just have to mention them again because they’ve got hella fine content. (in no particular order)
Best places to nap, and napping tips all round.
2. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, Microwaves provide you with HOT FOOD TO BOOST YOUR MORALE, which is essential to survive.
Here’s a neat trick I thought of but never tried, get your cup noodle, pour water in it, put in microwave and bam, hot noodles no kettle required.

4. Yes it’s meant for girls but doesn’t mean guys can’t get in on the action either. Plenty of motivation, tips and programs you can follow to keep your physique up so you can hunt for your McDoubles. Stay fit ya’ll.

The Uni is your GYM, over ten sets of stairs at your disposal and wide ovals to keep your heart rate up. Want a challenge? Put your week’s worth of textbooks in your bag and crawl up the stairs you shredded hunk of beef.
5. The reason why we’re all here in the first place. UNSW study support will keep you true to your goals and ambition, and give you a swift kick in the ass when you need it.


I dunno about you but I’m worried about my fuckin future man, it makes me insecure if I’m not learning about something related to my course, it feels like I’m wasting my time, and if i were to go out and get an internship or work experience or whatever the fuck is relevent to my degree, I can’t spend time on it because “work” is not an excuse for absence. Where the fuck do you find the balance to that?? We need to work to survive braaaaaaaaa.
Arc at UNSW has a program that allows you to get experience in your field of study, AND get paid!!!! With over 150 Arc affiliated clubs, stacks of volunteer and professional development programs and discounted employability and life skills courses for Arc members – Arc is here to help you gain new skills, meet new people and get involved in the university community.
UNSW even have their own careers and employment program for students, yes that’s you!



Gotta get to that 9am, wake up at 7, slept at 4. Driving is a nightmare at this time, but you get a little more sleep if you drive. It’s up to you which one to sacrifice but in the end it’s a lose-lose situation.
What you can do though, is make up for your lack of sleep at Uni with these awesome nap spaces by No Snooze, You Lose . Places to nap on your way to Uni, or while you’re at Uni – they’ve got it all covered.
You can get proper sleep by just eating right, check out for a bunch of foods you can eat to sleep better.
All of these blogs have great advice on sleep, but here is a very brief list of things you can do to get better sleep.

1. Listen to music that helps you sleep
2. Nap
3. Eat right
4. Exercise


There’s a lot of things during our Uni life that can disrupt our plans and our time management, these may include family commitments, study hours, work hours, group assignments, travel times, rights of passages…
Some of these things are out of our control, but let’s work on solving the issues that we can fix.
Have you ever felt sleepy after you’ve eaten? I have, and I regret it later on when I’ve run out of time to do an assignment. Do you know why?
Even though food provides your body with energy, it also takes a lot of energy to digest it. Yes, the brain and the intestines require the most energy to function in your body. That’s why you get tired after you eat!
Our friends at: Eat and Sleep have come up with a few easy steps to solve your eat-sleep problems.
This will ensure that your time will be used efficiently by eliminating uneccessary sleep.
One step forward for time management!
Take naps too!
Sleep Well Feel Well have pulled together some advice from lifehacker: “The most beneficial naps during the day according to sleep experts are relatively short. This is because short naps only allow individuals to enter the first two stages of sleep. Once you enter slow wave sleep, it’s much harder to wake up and you may be left feeling groggy for hours afterwards. Ideally, keep your naps under 20 minutes. Naps of this duration are short enough to fit into a workday but still give the benefits of improved mood, concentration, alertness, and motor skills. If you’ve got more time, a nap of 45 minutes can also have benefits, including boosts in sensory processing and creative thinking. If you go longer, aim for at least 90 minutes so you’ll work your way through all the stages of sleep and won’t wake up disoriented.”
 Carry On has some excellent advice and encouragement on studying efficiently, and not procrastinating! This will help your manage time much more efficiently.